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Ready to put your needs first, mama?

Automate your self-care with a monthly subscription box just for YOU. Packed with pampering & healthy products, it's just what you need to put the pep back in your step and spunk back in your spirit.

What is Alively?

Alively is an empowering subscription box for moms expertly curated to bring health, happiness, and relaxation straight to your doorstep. Think of it as self-care on cruise control. Each box is curated by a team of wellness experts to include 5-7 products designed to reduce stress and increase energy through a mix of research-inspired activities and healthy goodies. Expect consciously crafted, natural, organic, and artisan products that promote self-care, increase energy, and make you feel ALIVE! 

The best part? It'll include an exclusive Facebook community available only to subscribers where monthly guest experts will include training on topics relevant to motherhood.

How It Works

1. We hand select your products

Each month follows an exciting theme that will will educate, inspire, and empower you! 

2. Unbox self-care

Around the 20th of each month, you'll be delighted with a box full of self-care! 

3. Join the community!

Be sure to join the exclusive subscriber Facebook group for support, community & fun!

What's Inside the Box?

I'm so glad you asked! As a former health coach, each month I leverage my knowledge, training, and coaching experience to create a holistic care package that addresses the unique challenges moms face, such as energy, sleep, focus, metabolism, meal prepping, and more. 

Each box includes empowering products such as healthy + energizing snacks, relaxing teas, organic beauty products, and inspiring books/journals. Oh yea - did I mention that every box will contain the most delectable, dark, and delicious chocolate in the universe? It’s true.  


What Moms Are Saying About Alively...

 The Alively Box is a mashup of self-care, wellness, science and Shelly! Honestly, I couldn't think of a better way to send myself some Love Mail!

Tara Bosler - Mom of 1 , Pennsylvania

I love that the items in the Alively box give me the chance to have some fun!  Thanks, Alively, for bringing the joy back into our lives!

Casey Gromer - Mom of 3, Minnesota

As a personal trainer, I appreciate self-care, especially for moms. Thanks to Alively, now everything I need is delivered right to my door!

Erin Kendall - Mom of 2, California