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What's Inside?

When you sign up for Alively, each month you will receive a beautiful box of 5-7 expertly curated wellness and self-care products. Each item is consciously curated BY a mom FOR moms. 

Made for Mom

Let's face it. Our bodies need different things after having children. That's why each beautiful box is jam-packed with wellness goodies, products, teas, and activities that are holistically designed to support the unique needs of being a mom! 

Each box is curated to focus upon a specific topic relevant to motherhood, from energy to sleep to metabolism to meal planning and all things in between. We've got you covered!  


A Sisterhood of Health

Two things that shouldn't be done alone? Motherhood and health. That's why community is such a vital part of Alively. 

Besides all of the UH-MAZING products you'll receive each month, subscribers receive members-only access to a Facebook community of moms just like you, who are ready to step into their awesomeness. Experts on energy, sleep, spirituality, hormones, cravings, mindset and more will help you tap into your inner rock star. 


The Alively Mission

Through Alively, I want so show moms that the are worthy of the love, attention, and care that they give their children; capable of experiencing joy, energy, and peace every day; and happier + healthier when self-care is a priority. 

We take a mind-body-spirit approach to wellness at Alively to ensure that each and every care package nurtures you from this inside out. Afterall, what’s the point of eating an organic energy bar when you can't make time to shower or are battling an inner critic all day?  Each box (along with the Facebook community) will give you the tools, products and knowledge you need to take care of ALL of you. Because ALL of you is worth it. 

This isn’t just a box...this is a MOVEMENT!